Bunyips Camp - Top Paddock

           January 2023

Its been a while since Annie was out and about, due to her unfortunate altercation with the bitumen on her way home last Easter. 

With her new drawbar fitted I was keen to test her out.  A short, very smooth (couldnt even tell she was behind me) 25 minute drive and we were setting up in the "Top Paddock" at Bunyips Campground.  This was the first time we had camped in this spot and Lisa was kind enough to allow us to run a 100 metre power chord from the main house allowing us much needed electricity as a hot humid weekend was forecast.

This proved to be a lovely secluded spot. 

During the winter months whilst travelling the 4 hour return train trip to work 3 days a week, I was crocheting daisies.  I wasnt sure what i was going to do with them, probably a rug but they ended up as a daisy chain hanging door.  She looked rather 60's and paired with a beautiful tablecloth that a fellow camper found at a thrift store and gifted to me I was rather impressed.

It was very hot and very humid so the electric fan was in use inside and out. I finished off my book, did some crochet and listened to music. Unfortunately, I had placed Annie right smack bang in the middle of an ants nest and every time I sat down under the awning, I would get bitten - even with triple strength insect repellant. Those little critters know how to climb up the leg of your pants ...... ouch. By day 3, I had had enough of the heat and humidity AND we were expecting a huge electrical storm with heavy rain. As much as I would have liked to stay the extra day, I knew it was going to be a wet pack up, so while the sun was shining I packed her up slowly (I was dripping with sweat - yuck) and limped home late afternoon.

Our next outing is in March. Hopefully it will be a little cooler.  

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