Bunyips Camp - April 2023

The Anzac Day Public Holiday fell on a Tuesday this year so I decided to make it a 5 day weekend and head back to Bunyips.  With the cooler weather upon us I could have a campfire and the Top Paddock is such a lovely spot to unwind.  

There is no reason for the other campers to walk through or past this area of the campground so its total peace and quiet, well except for the cows, chickens, crickets and the occasional farm machinery and helicopters. The flies were out in full force but they soon got tired of the smell of Aeroguard and eventually left me alone.

The weather report forecast daily showers for the time of my stay. For the first time ever, I didnt care.  I had plenty to keep me occupied.  Book to read, Crochet to complete, Netflix and Stan downloaded with movies and docos ready to roll and music to listen to.  The local community radio station is volunterred by a bunch of British ex pats who all seem to know one another from their time in the music industry of the 60's - 80's. There music selection is right up my alley and being so far away from the other campers, I can crank it up a few nothches and sing like nobodys listening :)

The rain managed to stay away early evening and I was able to have a fire on two nights.  The mozzies were on holiday and I found myself still sitting outside in the dark at 7.30 crocheting and listening to music from Carlos (Young at Heart) 3 hour session. I sound like and old granny.

I had the best time ever ......