Christmas in the Wine Country

We had an early family Christmas get together this year. The older our kids get the more extended our family becomes.  With 5 families pulled in different directions in the run up to Christmas, we jumped in first and had a lovely day (despite 33 deg heat and 93% humidity) celebrating the season in the beautiful Hunter Valley.

We set Annie up out back amongst the trees.  Not a mean feat either, backing her alongside a creek, through a narrow gate and around garden beds to be situated in this beautiful Aussie backyard.

Later in the afternoon, when the festivities had slowed down, the dark clouds gathered and it was with seconds to spare that we managed to pack her away as the thunder and lightning gave it their best and dumped 15 minutes of torrential rain.

Most impressive.



You're Welcome :)

You're Welcome :)

Christmas Day 2018

The weather forecast for Christmas Day was 29 deg and sunny. Perfect weather to be out on the water. We didn't know how crowded our coastal waterways would be, so we loaded up the boat Christmas Eve, with umbrellas, inflatable lounges, folding lounges and chairs and enough food and drink for a festive day out on our own private island.

We set off from home at 9.00 am and arrived at Swansea boat ramp to find very few boat trailers and tow vehicles parked. This was a very good sign. 

We re-packed the boat and took off on a very high tide to Coon Island. On arriving, we found the island deserted . . . . .  and covered in seaweed and water.  We have had some stormy weather this summer and Coon Island had taken its fair share of tempest.  It took us 30 minutes to clear a sandy path, and just enough sandy ground to fit 2 folding chairs, a table, 2 eskys and a picnic basket along with the shade from 2 beach umbrellas.







With Annie left at home her Mini Me was an excellent stand in.

The tide continued to come in until 2.00 pm when it finally turned and we saw a sandy beach for the first time.  Claire had a great time chasing seagulls and her favourite water toy.  I managed to prepare a Christmas feast for two in as much space as I would have, had we been camping in Annie. We stayed on the island till 4.30 when the tide had gone out to meet the channel. We had a great day.  Thanks Coon Island.  Merry Christmas  😀

"Desserted" Island
"Desserted Island"

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12.12 | 01:04

love your trailer- I'm currently in the middle of a renovation, might have to steal the little shelf on the outside

17.09 | 21:12

Hi Emma. I have a post devoted to Annie's Awning. Check it out in the Menu 👍

14.09 | 21:39

Hi there
Where did you get your lovely fabric for the annex? Did you make these yourself?

13.07 | 14:48

What a wonderful story and pictures to wake up to. The camper is wonderful and the park is perfect! Love the spoiled little doggy too. Keep making memories!

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