The Entrance 1/12-3/12

So this was a trial weekend for us. Staying in a "caravan park".  We have had the luxury of space in the great outdoors as our canvas on our previous trips, so this was going to be a challenge. 

The park is quite small with sites marked out with 2 concretes slabs and a grassy area for parking your car/boat.  The waterfront sites are exactly that.  The beach is a public beach with folks fishing and doing water sports etc so there's a bit of traffic back and forth and inbetween the vans. It is also dog friendly.  We left Claire at home, but brought her down on Saturday for a swim.  She loved it as usual.

The amenities are great.  Very clean and modern and entry is with a key.

I guess if you were just passing through it would be a great spot. It just lacked "character".

There weren't any trees and is was kind of baron. Opening the van door out into the full view of your neighbour and hearing every conversation was daunting to say the least. This particular style of park was not for us.

I'm sure there are plenty of caravan parks offering grassy spacious areas that are also powered and watered.  We just have to find them.

We took some lovely photos.

On the boardwalk . . . . .

Big storm headed our way . . . .

The weather warnings were there.  The radar was showing red. Everything was dismantled, stowed away and we all waited.

Sitting in my tin can . . . . . .

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12.12 | 01:04

love your trailer- I'm currently in the middle of a renovation, might have to steal the little shelf on the outside

17.09 | 21:12

Hi Emma. I have a post devoted to Annie's Awning. Check it out in the Menu 👍

14.09 | 21:39

Hi there
Where did you get your lovely fabric for the annex? Did you make these yourself?

13.07 | 14:48

What a wonderful story and pictures to wake up to. The camper is wonderful and the park is perfect! Love the spoiled little doggy too. Keep making memories!

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