The Gas Bottle

The ugly old gas bottle was something I had on my to do list but just never got around to it. The front cover of the latest edition of Vintage Trailer Magazine showed a snappy little camper with an even snappier looking gas bottle. It was time.

I used a cheese knife to scrape off the stickers that had been in some areas, for many years. Then nail polish remover - 1/2 a bottle to dissolve the glue residue. This also gave it a good clean. 

I then sanded off all the lumpy bits and rust spots and gave it another clean.

The master painter then gave it 2 spray coats of British Paints 3 in 1.

When it was fully dry, I taped up the stripes and hand painted 2 coats of each colour.

It looks rather fancy.  We will still use our swap and go bottle for actual gas and keep this one for show and as an emergency backup

Scraping . . cleaning . . sanding . . spraying . . taping . . attaching.
How good is this ?

How good is this ?

Pin Striping

I purchased from China, 20 metres ($7.00 free shipping) of this pin striping with the intention of running it along the edges of the aqua panel on the van. It must have some sort of magnetic compound in it and due to the van being aluminium it repelled the surface instead of sticking to it.

It worked a treat on the gas bottle.

Front Step

The pull down step has always been a bother for me. It is too close to the van when extended and my dodgy knees suffer so I made other arrangements. 

A $19 bamboo step stool from Kmart and a $12 door mat from Reject Shop.  Glue, paint and an on call tradie. 

 We had some issues with holes and screws not lining up but it came together in the end. 

You know you want one . . . .

We were down at Bunnings a few weekends ago when I announced that I wanted a fence.

Shane is getting used to these outbursts and has learned to go with the flow. I had seen some plastic fencing in 3 metre sectional packs at the Dollar store that looked quite cute. Bunnings also had them but only in black.  The assistant pointed me in the direction of the gardening section and that's when I found . . . . . .

One white picket fence coming up :)

New Curtains

When we bought Annie home, she already had white curtains.  They looked ok so I washed them and hung them back up.

Over the months of renovating the poor old white curtains were showing signs of demise.

They were maybe 15 - 20 years old ????

While away at Barrington Tops two of them were torn simply by us leaning back on them when sitting.

Time for new "sheers".  Off to Spotlight and got that little problem sorted.  I found some ready made with a 2 metre drop. They had neat little stripes in the pattern.  Perfect to go with the Blue Striped heavy weight ones. Not being able to stop at just one set of new curtains, my eye zeroed in on some aqua fabric, I knew would match. So we ended up with new white ones and some aqua ones to compliment the blue.

Door issues . . . . . again

Deciding to go back to Blue and Aqua and pack away the Gypsy Life, I wanted to remove the little red flower stickers that I had put on the door, the fridge and the splashback.  Note to self . . . . WINDOW cling is for GLASS - not painted surfaces. The door stickers are there to stay after I peeled one off and took the paint with it. To cover the peeled paint, I sprayed a curtain rail and some hinges with the same silver paint  and bingo a towel rail.  The towel covers up the red and if I want to bring back the Gypsy Girl, the flowers are there waiting.

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12.12 | 01:04

love your trailer- I'm currently in the middle of a renovation, might have to steal the little shelf on the outside

17.09 | 21:12

Hi Emma. I have a post devoted to Annie's Awning. Check it out in the Menu 👍

14.09 | 21:39

Hi there
Where did you get your lovely fabric for the annex? Did you make these yourself?

13.07 | 14:48

What a wonderful story and pictures to wake up to. The camper is wonderful and the park is perfect! Love the spoiled little doggy too. Keep making memories!

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