New Cabinets

While Shane and I were busy outside, Peter our "Caravan Man" had been busy too.

He spent quite a few hours on site, measuring up to make sure everything would fit together. Over 2 days he installed 2 cupboards, 3 shelves, new upper cupboard doors the dinette table plus the benchtops for the new sink, new cooktop and also the "TV Unit".  An 11ft caravan with a TV unit - who'da thunk it !!

I'm loving the smooth lines and it all looks so modern - for a vintage caravan.

There is still so much to be done.

Windows and fly screens

The inside of the windows needed a really good clean. Dirt, dust, surface rust, spiderwebs (spiders eek) and more oxidisation.  I used a wire brush to get into all the grooves and a screwdriver to scrape out the silicone that had been used over the years to plug up leaks or stop the wind whistling.

The old wire flyscreens had to go too.  What a job that was.  It took nearly a whole day. They had originally been held in place with grommets.  I found the same style at Bunnings but when attaching them to the fibreglass screening they just ripped a whole in the screen and the centre was that fraction too small to fit over the barrel of the winder.

Eventually we found some washers that we superglued together through the screening and they did the trick.  We gave the winders a good sand down back to their original glory. Nice and neat.

The Fridge

If it aint broke don't try fixin' it !

If it aint broke don't try fixin' it !

The fridge worked perfectly but it was as old as the van.  It was extremely rusty at the back and the aluminium frame, as with all the aluminium on the van was badly pitted and dull.

We  could have removed all the rust with some sort of potion from Bunnings and re sealed it but we didn't want to tempt fate. To buy new, a gas/240v camper fridge can set you back as much as a full size kitchen fridge.

The door seals were still in good condition with only a few small tears. I covered the entire door in foam bleach and left it for an hour then hosed it all off and left it to dry in the sun.  The inside just needed a wipe over with spray bleach.

Shane undercoated it with a grey spray primer which promptly bubbled and peeled off. He sanded it back and Take 2 involved using an "Appliance White" 2 in 1 spray  which did the trick. A new acrylic insert in the door and bingo - New fridge

Good as new :)

Good as new :)

Cupboards and drawers - Time to paint

"Taubmans - Island Lake"

Having a professional painter in residence  24/7 is rather handy.

Peter sealed the inside panel of the drawers and cupboard doors and left the outside with a paintable surface.  It was a bit fiddly making a clean edge but they all turned out beautifully and the black vintage hinges clicked on like a glove. Go Shane !

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12.12 | 01:04

love your trailer- I'm currently in the middle of a renovation, might have to steal the little shelf on the outside

17.09 | 21:12

Hi Emma. I have a post devoted to Annie's Awning. Check it out in the Menu 👍

14.09 | 21:39

Hi there
Where did you get your lovely fabric for the annex? Did you make these yourself?

13.07 | 14:48

What a wonderful story and pictures to wake up to. The camper is wonderful and the park is perfect! Love the spoiled little doggy too. Keep making memories!

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